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Location: FLORIDA
All returns accepted: ReturnsNotAccepted
Year: 1970's
Country of Manufacture: United States
Certification: NO
Certification Number: N/A
Grade: Circulated
Type: 10.18 Ounces of Pure .999+ Silver
                        AQUA MINING CO. INC.                        NEWINGTON VIRGINIA                 10.81 OUNCES OF .999+ SILVER               A NEVER SEEN VERY RARE BAR         READ ONE OF MY SILVER BAR LISTINGS ALL THE WAY THROUGH AND THEN AFTER THAT, THEN JUST THE 1st PARAGRAPH. THIS IS A BAR THAT IS EXTREMELY RARE BECAUSE OF IT BEING FROM THE EAST COAST RATHER THAN OUT WEST. THIS OLD REFINER WAS LOCATED IN THE SMALL TOWN OF NEWINGTON VIRGINIA AND IS AN OLD POUR PIECE, THAT QUITE POSSIBLY, NONE OF YOU HAVE EVER HEARD OF, MUCH LESS SEEN. SO IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE UNUSUAL AND THE VERY RARE, THIS IS A BAR NOT TOO LARGE FOR THE AVERAGE HARD TO PLEASE COLLECTOR TO AFFORD. I PAID QUITE A BIT FOR THIS BAR WHEN SILVER WAS IN THE LOW TO MID $30's RANGE. NEEDLESS TO SAY I PAID MORE THAN $35 AN OUNCE FOR THIS VERY OLD AND UNIQUE PIECE. IF YOU ONLY STRIVE TO BUY BARS THAT ARE RARE AND ONES THAT NONE OF YOUR COLLECTOR FRIENDS HAVE, BUT YET IS STILL AN AFFORDABLE OLD SILVER BAR FROM ONE OF THE FEW REFINERY'S THAT EVER OPERATED OUT OF THE EASTERN UNITED STATES, THIS WOULD MAKE A NICE EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT FROM YOU TO YOU. OR GET THE WIFE OR SON/SONS TO BUY IT FOR YOU AS A STOCKING STUFFER. A TRULY GORGEOUS BAR WITH LOADS OF CHARACTER. AND IT'S A PIECE THAT IS MORE PURE THAN 999 FINE. THIS IS 999+ FINE WHICH IS AS CLOSE TO PURE SILVER AS ONE CAN GET. HOW MANY OF THIS REFINER HAVE YOU EVER SEEN???  What is different with our economy now compared to when silver was hitting $50 an oz a few years back? Unemployment is higher, more people are losing their homes, the Dollar and the Stock Market are in a bubble like not many people even realize. We owe twice as much to China as we did back then which is only part of a 17 Trillion National Debt. The Govt. says there is no inflation yet every time I go to the store, everything is more costly. But most people know nothing except what their 401-K is worth compared to last year and very few understand why. They're just glad it is. Europe is going down the toilet and the Dollar is just the lesser of all the currency's/evils and Silver & Gold is being manipulated big time by the CME. What do you smart people with a shred of common sense think is going to happen when all these bubbles burst? And burst they will! Will you be ready? I know I will. I just hope you all are ready for whats coming because it will happen in a blink of an eye. And you will all say I could have purchased these very rare bars made from "real money" for $50-$100 an OZ and then they will all be 5 or 6 times that price they are now and still going higher. I feel sorry for all the people with little or no common sense when it comes to what is really happening to our economy. Please wake up America! I have way too much silver and all I'm doing is diversifying. And I am using every penny to do so. If it doesn't have tangible value, I don't even look at it. Much less buy it. Anyway enough of all that...Most of you know what I say is more than true!     I see silver rounds and regular Silver Eagles that are selling right at the $50+ range per oz with silver in the low $20's and the silver is no purer than the bars I have listed and these old pour bars are not only stamped 999 fine, and some stamped 999+ fine which is as pure or more pure than any American Silver Eagle and they are 500-1,000 times more rare! Yet they are many that are roughly the same price, give or take than on some of the bars I will be listing. So any of you astute collectors please do not hesitate and lose out on a great opportunity to own some 999 Pure very rare American Silver history.  Remember, rarity is the key to the value in old pour silver. Much the same way that rarity is the key in collecting coins, or really anything old for that matter. How many were there? And how many remain today? All of these odd size/weight bars have been and are continuing to hauled to the pawn shops and coin stores and all who buy gold and silver and are sent off to be melted every day. The only ones that are held on to are the rectangle 50 or 100 ounce machine made bars, Mostly made by Engelhard and Johnson Mathey that are purchased for $2.00 or more less than the spot price. And then they are sold to the smelters for right at spot or if someone they know or another happen into their shop, they will sell the bars for about $3 to $4 over spot. I have seen this in person looking at 5-gallon bucket-fulls of silver bars, silver rounds and 90% junk silver in bank rolls or just loose silver of all kinds. All the way down to foreign silver and anything sterling. All of this has been sold to these places with their next stop, the melting pot. These numbers that are left are growing smaller each and every day. I've always bought what I could but since I'm not made out of money, the amount I buy is always small. But what I have not seen in the last few years are these old pour examples. My dealer friends who are into coins will not save any bars old or new unless they are still in the plastic and only bars that weigh 100 ounces and are in pristine condition. They say that the old bars very rarely come in the door. These older bars are just plain gone. And they are gone forever. They now are in the form of silver tea sets and pots and sterling silverware. And sold to the electronics makers and photography people.SORRY BUT THERE ARE "NO RETURNS" ON ANY BULLION PRODUCTS LIKE THE BARS YOU SEE IN ALL OF MY LISTINGS!  THOSE OF YOU THAT ARE SMART SAVVY COLLECTORS KNOW THAT THE PRICE OF SILVER AND THE PRICE OF GOLD HAVE BEEN AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE HEAVILY MANIPULATED BY CME. (Chicago Merc. Exchange) and other large European Concerns.) Throw in pieces that are truly rare, the numbers drop dramatically. With these old poured bars from 40-60 years ago, you have a double punch for price appreciation because the vast majority of these old pour bars have long ago been melted into other forms of silver products or uses and also as this silver is used in commercial aspects, it is for the most part UN-reclaimable. And UNLIKE gold & Platinum, most silver, once used, is gone forever. all of these facts I have mentioned, you either already know, or if you don't, it's easy enough to find out that what I say is the absolute truth. There will come a time very soon that these older bars will not be available for any price, and what few that are left, will be many, many times more than they are now.All I charge for shipping is what the post office charges me and my shipping container. Or for larger bars or multiple bars I use the Flat Rate Boxes. You will see my exact cost on the little postage sticker on the padded mailer and if you have paid me too much on your shipping, I always refund any overage that you pay back into your PayPal account. I have other supplies I have to buy but do not charge you for, such as foam peanuts, wide shipping tape, staples and other items. But never do I charge you, the buyer, for these items and I promise you that I never make one cent on my shipping charges. And forget about all the gas in my 4X4 to my post office which is a good distance away. These are all costs that I personally pick up myself. If you have questions about this bar or any other, feel free to message me here. I will get back to you as soon as I can.Thanks for taking the time to take a peek.KerryCompleted